Nude Photos by Stefan Soell

When I chanced to see these nude photos by Stefan Soell, I was captivated by their quality in terms of composition, choice of models and their "integration" in this environment is nature so pure

Stefan Soell is an art photographer from Friedrichshafen in southern Germany. Photography is his passion and his art form. he started shooting when he was fifteen years old and quickly came to focus upon his two favorite genres, landscape and figure photography. Besides his amazing use of scenery and settings, much of it crafted by Stefan himself, the most remarkable quality of Stefan’s work is his brilliant use of light.

Nude Photos by Stefan Soell: Capture every nuance

He is one of the few photographers able to realize the full potential of his models, capture every nuance of their beauty, and make you feel you are there with them. he is largely self-taught as a photographer, but his lighting and composition skills are those of a seasoned and astute professional, and are the hallmarks of a true artist.


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Nude Photos by Stefan Soell

Nude Photos by Stefan Soell

Nude Photos by Stefan Soell

Nude Photos by Stefan Soell

Nude Photos by Stefan Soell

Nude Photos by Stefan Soell

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  1. Akın Dogan

    absolutely wonderful.

  2. Stunning I love the angle with her spread wings

  3. really beautiful, great.

  4. awesome works…

  5. pcb2xx

    Absolutely brilliant.

  6. fantastic and artistic images.

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