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My First Book with July 2011. Introducing the first coffee table book of Anguilla. This stunning book is the work of international photographer, Thierry Dehove.

The book showcases 80 awe-inspiring pages of the outstanding beauty that abounds on this magical little island. Extremely affordable, the book is a standard hardcover with a gorgeous glossy dust jacket.

My name is Thierry. I feel my story represents all of those individuals who have given way to their passions and adventures, and who have had the courage to change direction mid stream in search of a more fulfilling life.

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I have had two significant discoveries that have altered my course – kitesurfing and the wonderful island of Anguilla, an unobtrusive island resting in the Caribbean.
Through my kitesurfing, I’ve discovered many countries and many friends, some who have become the nearest and dearest to my heart.
However my greater passion, even more important than my love of kiting, has been my personal discovery of this lost paradise in the Caribbean. Read more, click here

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  1. Your photography is incredible!!!
    Do you sell print in large sizes?
    I’d like to hear how much success you have had also, with your coffee book.

  2. Marilyn

    The book has been in my living room on the cocktail table and every guest who comes over gets to view the beautiful photos. And all say the same thing “these photographs are just beautiful!”

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