Long exposure photography black and white photo

Main photo was taken in Anguilla. it was 150 second of exposure, the original was in color. I transformed this color in black and white image with the best black and white photo software you can get: Silver Efex Pro 2

Before that, with my 5D on my solid Gitzo tripod, captured with the 16-35. I did this image at noon so to get this long exposure, you have to get 10-stop neutral density (ND) filters. I am using the Big Stopper, not easy to get but with patience, it will come to your mail box, if not you can get the same one from HiTech. You will need as well filter holder and the ring for your right lens.

One last thing as well, I am using a cable release to make sure I don’t touch my body and it is important to close the viewfinder shutter. For exposures in excess of 150 seconds, you need to use the ‘BULB’ mode of your camera. BULB enables you to open the shutter for as long as you choose.

I like to shoot when it’s overcast days, I get more results and produce some amazing clouds effects and keeps compositions simple.

Edited with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro 2

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Enjoy them. Posted July 2013

Long exposure photography black and white photo

Long Bay

Long exposure photography black and white photo

Limestone Bay

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