About Me

About Me

Professional Photography That Conveys Luxury

I am offering professional photography that conveys luxury living from Paris and Bordeaux to Canada, the Caribbean and the United States of America.

I create photographic images that inspire, influence, and – in some cases – ignite emotion.

Trained in Paris and recognized worldwide, I specialize in photography for industry leading brands and publications.

With a flair for capturing engaging and memorable images of luxury real estate, yachts and hotel consortiums, I am a vitally important asset to those who sell to high net-worth clientele.

By combining my eye for detail and deep technical expertise, I communicate value and quality in a unique way that has afforded me the opportunity to work with publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Yachts International, Conde Nast Traveler, Opulence Magazine, Carimo Magazine & Art Books, Maco Magazine, Professional Photographers UK, CameraPixo, Experience Sint Maarten / Saint Martin, Discover, Just Luxe NY, NJ Health & Beauty, Windsport Magazine, Kiteboarding Magazine and Layers magazine.

My images have graced the covers of some of these leading magazines, along with providing a valuable and persuasive impact on both print and online marketing efforts.

As a photographer, I work directly with clients to translate their goals and objectives into images that combine the relevant information they wish to convey, along with the emotion they wish to evoke.

“We expect good things from you and these certainly meet that expectation, well done images. What I like. Overall these are excellent and you handled some difficult situations lighting very well.”
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Do you need photography for your luxury marketing or editorial projects? I’m available for worldwide travel to your project location. Contact me for a quote today.


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