I wanted to write to thank you for all the hard work you put into the shoot! The finished product came out amazing! You were very generous with the edits you gave and from this one shoot I will have the capacity to cumulatively upgraded my portfolio. Even my harshest critic (my mother) was incredibly impressed the images. 
Thank you Thierry for you outstanding efforts! 

Candice DeVisser, Pro Model in Florida

Thierry Dehove has designed, developed and managed the web site for my luxury villa rental in the Caribbean for the last five years. His graphic design and photography perfectly captured the understated elegance I was seeking and the content, provided by others, was masterfully integrated into the site.

Following launch Thierry has consistently worked with me to build traffic successfully, as evidenced by the related increase in web site rentals. He is a pro!

Bill Rizzo, owner of L’Embellie Villa, Anguilla, BWI. www.anguilla-beach-villa.com

Over the past 4 years what started out as a business relationship has become a great friendship.

Thierry Dehove not only is a wonderful craftperson on the computer, but a remarkable photographer and he makes a super cup of tea. The website for my restaurant gets lots of play and 100% positive feedback, my myspace page is incredible and my personal site: www.chef-daniel-orr.com has increased dinner traffic at the restaurant.

Get to know Thierry and you may become as popular as he is!!!!

Chef Daniel Orr, owner of Farm Restaurant in Bloomington (Indianapolis)


Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
Thierry Dehove is true professionnal who handles his work from A to Z with a sense of perfection and quality. He is dedicated to his work and is always looking for the best match to your needs. He listens to your needs and convert them faithfully in graphic artworks.

Delivering the job on time is another quality and his technical skills really satisfy any of your requests. I trully recommand Thierry as a professionnal who always gave me satisfaction.

Gabriel Morizet, Project Manager at TENESOL, TOTAL & EDF (St Martin FWI)


Aussi à l’aise en surf qu’en kite, aussi performant derrière un appareil photo que sur son mac, Thierry Dehove est un amoureux des sports de glisse qui, l’instar des plus grands, a su organiser sa vie professionnelle pour vivre de sa passion.

Je connais Thierry depuis longtemps et j’ai partagé avec lui de nombreux moments inoubliables … à titre professionnel tout d’abord (développement de sites internet, organisation de boat trips et de shooting photos …) mais également et surtout à titre amical (navigations freeride juste pour le plaisir , promenades, dinners, soirées déjantées …) : dans tous les cas, c’est un réel bonheur de profiter de la vie avec lui !
Thierry est un ami avec qui j’espère pouvoir partager à l’avenir de nombreuses sessions à l’eau … et bien plus encore! (soon in English ;-))

Harold Quinquis, Pro Rider and Owner of Wax Up, the Boardriding Agency


About three years ago I asked Thierry Dehove to design a website for me. We developed my website: www.howardresh.com. While I supplied information to Thierry he was fully responsible for the design and initiation of the website. We added lots of articles with photos that I wrote on hydroponics. Tanama Graphic Design continued to place these articles with the illustrations on the website expanding it to its present size over the following years.

I still have Tanama adding articles and other information. We now have books and other hydroponic accessories available for sale on the website. Tanama helped me to set up an account with PayPal so purchases could be made through the website. I now receive e-mails from people interested in hydroponic culture from all areas of the World. A contact page permits them to do so. The average number of hits on the site is about 3000 per day with about 10% of those actually entering the site.

The website now ranks high on Google search engine. Under my name it is at the top of the list, while under “hydroponics” it is on page 4 of the search. It has been a pleasure working with Thierry in the development of my website. We shall continue to work together to expand it even further.

Dr. Howard Resh (Anguilla)



I want you to know that I am extremely impressed wit your design work and your professional work ethic that has really taken our www. Asphaltkingdom.com business to the next level. Everything from image cropping to banner creation to logo creation have all contributed to our growth and given us the professional corporate look we have been looking for. I strongly recommend Thierry for any design work or if you’re looking for an inhouse art director.

Thierry, you’re a star and thanks again for all you do at Asphaltakingdom.com. All the best,

Judd Burdon, President, www.asphaltkingdom.com. (Canada) 1-866-399-5562


The Commercial Registry of Anguilla B.W.I, home of ACORN, has been working closely with Mr Thierry Dehove for the past seven years.  We have been very impressed with his professionalism and dedication to completing our work on a timely and efficient basis.  

Thierry has redone our website; produced our last two brochures as well as prepared all the artwork necessary for us to advertise our services worldwide.  We are very happy with the service we have received from Thierry and we will continue to use his services for the foreseeable future.

T. Lanston Connor, Registrar of Commercial Activitie – The Commercial Registry (Anguilla)


New web site looks great! so glad to have such a creative artistic mind on my team to help generate more business. It was such a pleasure pulling it up for the first time a seeing exactly what I was looking for. I look forward to doing more projects together.

Marco Musa, owner of Les Belles Yacht & Palazzo Villa (Florida)


I began working with Thierry towards the middle of 2006, when the project to launch an ambitious luxury magazine in the island of Anguilla finally found traction. Thierry’s instinctive eye for the aesthetically pleasing, I discovered, is infallible. His skill as graphic designer allowed a small team to put together Generous, the most compelling publication ever produced in the island, and his clear understanding of what was required was key to achieve a coherent combination of my texts with his images.

Alas, the magazine is long dead, but our business relation persists, based on a level of professionalism and reciprocity that remains constant, regardless of the size or the nature of the project. May it continue to thrive for many years to come!

Montague Kobbe, writer (Anguilla)


I would highly recommend Thierry for any type of work he would offer, since his top professional performances. I would also have a glass of wine with him if he could come back a little bit more often in his beautiful homeland!

PabloMarroquinArchitect (St Martin FWI)


First, as a French person, I would have been more comfortable writing this message in French, but I will make that effort for my friend Thierry;
I met Thierry a long time ago (ages ago!) in Bordeaux while he was Art Director in an agency dealing with interactive communication. I must say that he knew perfectly how to meet my high (I was from Paris!) expectations in terms of deliverables : high quality and creativity in total respect of a very painful time schedule. I want to add that Thierry, although he could have, never got nervous or anxious about the important pressure he received from me. I was then Marketing manager for a Franch company in the cosmetics industry.

It was a pleasure to work with Thierry.
His creativity, passion and patience help me to find out what I was looking for my web site.

Paul Williatte – former marketing manager, groupe PANTHER, (France)


I used to work as a computer man in the same advertising agency as Thierry (BDDP now TBWA). And frankly, I can say it’s been a pleasure to have met this this guy. In addition to being a very friendly character, thierry has always been very professional and demanding with himself.

Very quickly, he was considered by everyone as someone committed, who loved his job, skilled in computer with a huge mastering of graphic software and a great sense of graphic Art. The ideal art director I guess. I do recommend him, no hesitation, no doubt he’s the man!!!”

Pascal Laik, PROJECT MANAGER, TBWA Europe (France)


Working with Thierry, whether he is 4 000 km or 1 2000 km away, he guarantees a first class service on your graphic projects.

Thierry Sécheresse, Associate creative director, Army of Frogs (World)


I needed a designer for a large ebook project, The Great Credit Contraction (http://www.creditcontraction.com/images/The-Great-Credit-Contraction-Sample.pdf), and decided to use eLance for the first time. Thierry, also new to eLance, requested an interview and prepared a bid. It was 4x higher than the next closest but I wanted the highest quality work and best value so after a thorough review of his portfolio I took a chance.

My editor got sick which caused extreme delays in the project and made things difficult because it pushed the timeline back resulting in the bulk of the project having to be completed while I was traveling through South America for 4 weeks, Nevertheless, Thierry was extremely professional, flexible, accommodating, timely and his graphical work was of exceptional quality. We turned out a wonderful product.

Price is what you pay and value is what you get. Great content needs a great wrapper. With Thierry’s services I received tremendous value. Whenever I need new graphics designed, like the headers for my sites (RunToGold.com, HowToVanish.com, etc.) which are the main branding and impression upon visitors, I contact Thierry first and hope he is open for the work.

Not only am I pleased with the phenomenal branding but many of my visitors and customers have sent me emails or made comments specifically complimenting the visual ascetics and that is the most important: the user experience. Additionally, the the producer of Business News Network, the largest financial channel in Canada, saw the Liquidity Pyramid Thierry made for the book, contacted me and I have now appeared on national television and radio several times to present the assertions in my book and best of all the publicity, which has generated visitors and sales, was free.

Sincerely, Trace Mayer, entrepreneur, investor, author and market analyst


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